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All the information in this website is based purely on personal opinion and taste, obtained by visiting these coffee spots multiple times and in varied circumstances,  for fun, thirst, waking up and getting a break.  I have no knowledge of the coffee business and no connection with any of these businesses!
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Best Coffee Stops in Vermont
The Roadwarriors Guide to Drinking Coffee and Driving in Vermont

Some people get massages. Some soak in bubble baths.
I drink coffee.

It’s probably my overwrought workaholic nature that makes coffee work for me….even decaf!  What I’m looking for in my 16-hour work days is just a little sense of luxury, escape and privilege.  And I want a treat that lets me keep driving, get to my meetings on time, think positively about work, and still have a blissful sense of a mini-vacation in the middle of the day.

Coffee does it.  Great taste, a quick stop along a beautiful road, the prolonged pleasure even as I drive.  I finally got a car with a built-in coffee cup holder.  Nirvana.

My work keeps me on the road all the time….about 35,000 miles a year, maybe more.  Only my odometer knows for sure.   90% of the miles are in Vermont. Gorgeous.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the birth of coffee mania in Vermont.  These days I select some of my routes by the coffee places I can name as destinations along the way. 

A Tasty Way to help a Non-Profit

Grab a ballot at Great Harvest Bread (2/5 - 2/24) and vote for your favorite non-profit, among those listed. The one with the most votes gets picked to be Baker of the Day! For one day in March, "Baker of the Day" will help make and sell bread and get all the proceeds of the day! Last years winner, Spectrum Youth &Family Services, made $4000! One vote per visit, no purchase required.  People must be over 18 to vote!

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My Criteria: Here are my criteria for a great road stop for coffee:
  • Strong thick coffee (‘bold’ if you go there)
  • Speedy service if I want it
  • Local owners (I admit I like Starbucks coffee, but not the chain gang approach) and local coffees (Paul Ralston’s Vermont Coffee Company and Speeder and Earls are way more local than Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, but we need them all!)
  • Cushy chairs if I’m a little ahead of schedule or between meetings
  • On a road that will take me where I’m going (I’m not usually fanatical enough to go out of my way totally)
  • Tasty, real snacks….homemade or good bakery….if I can’t resist
  • Laissez-faire atmosphere: friendly if I want it,  solitude if I prefer.
  • Parking (or drive-up….so far only known in Bennington, of all places!)

Remember,  these ratings never apply to REAL restaurants.  The whole idea is a place where you don’t feel guilty doing take out, even if they have tables.